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Our clinical program will build a strong foundation in clinical medicine knowledge and prepare future physicians for success in the annual Residency Match.

For Students

Medical Health Centers provides students with the finest hands-on US clinical rotations.

For Hospitals & Clinics

Medical Health Centers proudly assists our affiliated hospitals in providing student orientation and complete medical education support.

For Schools & Universities

We guarantee the best clinical rotations for your students, while simultaneously developing a trustworthy and strong relationship along the way.

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History and Physical Exam

At Medical Health Centers, our primary goal is that you exceed in your communication skills, physical exam, clinical reasoning, professionalism, patient counseling-education and documentation.


Hear what our students and partners have to say.

As a medical student, especially being an IMG, we are confronted with lots of challenges and the support system that you have in this journey plays an important role in guiding you towards your goal of becoming a good physician. I can say, MHC has been by my side every step of the way, guiding me and allowing me to take rotations and placements that would provide me with the knowledge I need in medicine in general and my specific field of interest. The staff at MHC has always been very approachable and easy to reach for guidance and they make sure the placements are guided towards your passion and interest. I would like to thank MHC for guiding me throughout my third and fourth-year rotations and I strongly recommend them to anyone who is seeking GOOD rotations that would provide them with knowledge and experience that they can take with them in future practice.



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Our clinical rotations focus on communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, collaboration, conflict resolution, adaptability, assertiveness, problem-solving, networking, and leadership.

Developing and honing these interpersonal skills can significantly enhance your patient relationship, teamwork, and overall effectiveness in various aspects of your clinical practice. Practice, self reflection, and seeking feedback are helpful in improving these skills over time.

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Medical Health Centers is the best resource for medical students,

Universities, and Hospitals. Partner with us today to reach your goals.

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